What we offer

We provide the essential know-how to achieve optimal SCM properties of any clay based raw material

In-house equipment

We can test any clay-rich raw materials on our in-house developed hardware in order to establish optimal process parameter to our customers within the cement and concrete industry

Why us

Our technologies build on years of industrial R&D activities in collaboration with leading universities and commercial partners. Our team has more than 15 years of industry experience within the cement industry

Why now

Regulatory changes and societal impact together with limitations in securing supply chain of other supplementary cementitious materials have opened up to new solutions

Benefits of our products compared to Portland Cement

Reduce equipment wear and maintenance

Turn zero value waste into valuable product

Decrease CapEx for new cement plants and cement production costs

Reduce energy consumption

Secure the SCM supply chain

Lowers CO2 emissions

Our services

We offer complete plant solutions either green field or retrofit to our customers within the cement and concrete industry


We test raw materials in order to establish optimal process parameters. We do this on our in-house processing equipment in collaboration with certified material testing laboratories


We evaluate expected SCM performance of the raw material based on test results


We design SCM plants both green field and retrofit of existings plants in collaboration with our customer and partners


We plan and execute to build state-of-the-art SCM plants on in close collaboration with our customers and partners